As a budding graphic designer, understanding how to effectively use selection tools in Photoshop can be the difference between crafting an impressive design and wasting hours on something that just doesn’t look right.

Knowing when and how each tool should be used is vital for creating designs with well-defined shapes, textures, and details.

In this blog post, we’ll explore all of the selection tools available in Photoshop – from simple lasso tool to more complex one like quick mask – so you can have greater control over your creations!

Lasso Tool

Photographers rejoice! With Photoshop’s lasso tool, you can easily tag inanimate subjects without the hassle of wrangling a real rope. The lasso tool operates on the active layer of an image, allowing you to confidently trace the contours of your desired selection with a single click and drag. And if ‘roping’ the exact edges gives you trouble, don’t worry; most software supports multiple closed contours so that you can cross over the same edge path as many times as you need – giving photoshoppers power over their photoshoots!

Object Selection Tool

Once you’re loaded up in photoshop, the Object Selection Tool (W) is the tool for the job!

Don’t forget to check the Options bar at the top-right corner and ensure that the Object Finder is enabled.

From there, just hover your mouse over the object or region in your photo that you’d like to select.

Then sit back and watch photoshop work its photochemical magic!

Pen Tool

Ah, the Pen tool – Photoshop’s trustworthy companion for photorealistic selection since 1987.

Whether you’re a brand spankin’ new photoshop user or an experienced veteran, the Pen tool can help you achieve your goals with its flexible range of options.

And don’t worry about searching far and wide for this photour-de-force – look in the lower half of your toolbar, hanging out with its photogenic pals the Shape, Type, and Direct Selection tools!


These three tools should cover most of your needs when it comes to making selections in Photoshop.

Now get out there and start wrangling those pixels!

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