If you’re looking to take your Photoshop skills to the next level, then look no further. In this post, we’ll show you how to use three of the most versatile tools in Photoshop.

With these tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to create amazing graphics and photos with ease.

So what are you waiting for? Master these tools today!

Lasso Tool

The Lasso tool is one of the most versatile tools in Photoshop.

It allows you to draw a free-form selection border around any object in an image.

You can use it to soften the edges of your selection, or add a feathering effect. It’s
also useful for anti-aliasing.

The Lasso tool is easy to use. Simply click and drag
around the object you want to select.

You can also hold down the shift key to add to your selection, or the alt key to
subtract from it.

Experiment with the Lasso tool and see how it can help you create better images.

Object Selection

What’s the difference between an object and part of one? Well, if you need to select just about anything in your image for
whatever reason – this new tool should save time!

The Object Selection has many different selections available like individual objects or
even regions.

And best yet- it works with Sub
photographers too because they can create their own selection sets based on what type needs selected (such as people).

Pen Tool

You can use the Pen tool to fill, stroke or make selections from whatever you’re drawing.

This is one of those core tools that every designer needs in their arsenal because it enables them to create perfect shapes without having to worry about mistakenly painting over something important!


That’s it for this week’s Photoshop tutorial! I’ve covered three essential tools that every designer should learn – the lasso tool, object selection tool, and pen tool.

If you’re feeling a little rusty, or you’re completely new to Photoshop and want to get started with the basics, be sure to watch the video tutorial below.

And as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me in the comments section below!

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