Are you creating artwork that needs the perfect blur? Whether it’s a simple logo design or a complex photo collage, knowing how to use Photoshop’s different blur tools correctly is essential for any graphic designer. In this post, we’ll show you three steps to achieve impeccable blurring in your projects—from selecting the appropriate tool to honing its parameters for a truly professional look. With just a few clicks you can get that polished finish and make sure all of your designs are web-ready!

Blur Tool

With the Blur tool, you can give any image a special artistic touch. Just select it in your menu and customize size, hardness and strength to create an awesome effect – then drag over the parts of your pic that need extra blur for some dreamy vibes!

Sharpen Tool

This nifty tool takes fuzzy, foggy images and transforms them into crisp masterpieces. With a few clicks of the mouse it adjusts lightness and darkness to create definition and make objects ‘pop.’ Put simply: It sharpens your photos so you don’t have to!

Smudge Tool

Transform your images with the Smudge tool! This brushy little finger will take colors from where you start and smear them around to create awesome, soft transitions. You can tweak edges until they’re totally perfect – just make sure not to smudge too much! Go ahead and give it a try – Photoshop’s rocking this magical fingertip that’ll help transform any image into amazing art.


If you’re still reading this, I hope you found it helpful. If you did, let me know in the comments which tip was most useful for you. And, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them there as well. Until next time!

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